Monday, April 2, 2012

Gratefully open to His possibilities

God is so good all the time… I just can’t capture all that goodness that He hides in just a single day… but I can capture small pieces and those serve to remind me…

Lord Thank You for these gifts….

My seriously ever patient husband
Forgiveness from God and others
Changes in attitudes- mine included
Learning flexibility
Opportunities to be gracious
His new mercies EVERY morning- whew!
Accepting remodeling and renovations schedules and timing
A banana split made with love by a kiddo for a paint splattered mama
Picking up a pick-me-up gift for a friend
Missed opportunities that were best missed
Read alouds on audio CD
The lavender smell on my sheets
Another verse scrawled out and tucked in my pocket
Doubts disappearing
Dreams and prayers coming to fruition
Lilacs budding
Mr. Steady's new dependable car
The kiddos and I singing old hymns together- sans accompaniment
The real ruggedness of that Cross
His amazing saving grace that reached out to this wretched me
Neat new stacks of firewood for future campfires
My girls folding laundry
and cooking supper for this weary mama
That wonderful contagious hunger of new Christians that push us to pursue Him all the harder
The gift of a kiss on the forehead from Mr. Steady when I'm covered in paint and worn down
Snippets of quiet rest
Praying as I paint
Working to keep my hands open, not clutched in fear- open, palms up and praising- open to His possibilities


  1. Hi visiting from A holy experience. I love this list so real, and true! Greats pics.

  2. That is hard! when we remodeled the kitchen in our first home - it was gutted to the walls - I had a fridge/freezer - and no kitchen sink/stove/etc for just over a week. Wow.... :) So, we ate some definately a lot of microwave cooking! :)

    Have fun - you'll appreciate it when done!




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