Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fixing up the bathroom on the cheap

Our bathroom renovation project was not as extensive as the kitchen. It did require me to pull everything out of the room and put it in the hallway. Which was clutter and chaos and cramped and made me grumpy.
Just being honest- clutter and tight spaces make me unhappy. I don't do well in the midst of upheaval.
But I'm coping so far.
Anyhoo- I once again forgot to take serious true "before" pictures. I moved everything out and started patching and painting before I realized I should have snapped a couple of shots.

This is as good as it gets: First- notice my claw foot tub, I love it. Super great for soaky tired stressed out mama baths... but I digress...
Before- wall paper border is faded and dated. Paint is chipping and scraped in some areas. The ceiling tiles have come unmoored in one area and are bulging out in ugly scariness. The walls are a nice green on the bottom and a cream that is showing its age on the top half...

See- we already started patching- please note the sink. This is the only before photo I have of it.
Wait 'til I finish taking pictures and show you what I did. I will take a moment to say I wish I could change the faucet... but alas I cannot- budget and all that, ya know.

This is Mr. Steady beginning to take down the ceiling tiles. We were ever so happy to see there was not an ugly, awful mess behind them. Ever so much so.
Please also note the light fixture. Yep. Just a bulb. After 18 years here I don't look up much anymore.
The bulb is now covered up pretty and within the budget.... photos to come soon.

Here we have Mr. Steady replacing outlets.
The room is so much more bright with the new light and bright walls.
Bottom half of wall color: Colonial Cobblestone by Dutch Boy [Yes, this is the same paint as the kitchen- we're making this reno budget s--t---r---e--t--c--h.]
Upper half color: Alpine Valley from Grand Distinctions line
[Both paints available at Menards]
Trim and window: Superhide White (again- from the kitchen! Yay! for leftovers!)
Paint for vanity: leftovers of cabinet paint from kitchen (A great investment for $60 and I've still got enough left for at least one more project!)

Hopefully the vanity cabinet doors will go back on this evening... Mr. Steady needs to caulk the ceiling panels he put in and put up new trim (it doesn't look like we'll be able to salvage the old trim....}I will need to paint the ceiling.... because of the caulking and big fat nail heads.... which I really didn't really want to do. Sigh. Hopefully the leftovers of the white paint will stretch enough for this...

2 panels for ceiling: $33.00 (sale!)
Alpine Valley Paint: $20.00 (sale!)
Light fixture: $5.00 after mail in rebate (whoop!)
running total.... $58.00

I don't know how much trim will cost but I'm hoping we'll bring this project to completion for under $100.

Just for kicks- here's a post from 2 years ago when we did the half bath....

Cabinet Paint is Rust-Oleum's Cabinet Transformations Kit in Pure White (with glaze in the kitchen- w/o in bathroom). I cannot wax poetic enough about this stuff. It's the bomb. Seriously great stuff. We were able to cash in on a great sale when we purchased our kit. We paid $60. The kit is regularly $80 and can be found at Menards (where we got ours), Home Depot and Lowe's. So far I've painted our wall of kitchen cabinets (which is plenty big) and the bathroom vanity. I've still got stuff left and am pondering at least one more "transformation". side note: I am not receiving any compensation from Rust-Oleum whatsoever. I just happen to really like this stuff.


  1. Amy, I am very impressed with all the work your family is doing! I would like to learn more about your kitchen floor. It looks very nice. Lynne

  2. Lynne- We bought our flooring at Menards during a really great sale (not only was the flooring on sale but the underlayment was FREE!)
    Here's a link to the flooring:
    Mr. Steady and a good friend had the floor done in just under 5 hours. [Our kitchen is big- 13 ft x14 ft]



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