Thursday, March 8, 2012

WIWW: Week 4 Better late than never

Um... Ms. Books pointed out to me today that I promised 4 weeks of What I Wore Wednesday posts and only posted three.
Her words, "Man up, Mom and finish this."
And just when I thought posting WIWW was a silly little thing to put on here... My Dear Sweet Friend comments on it.... and encourages me with her words.
So here I am, a day late for this week's WIWW posts but nevertheless showing my daughter some Mama style follow through.
Alrighty- I loved this comfortable outfit but after seeing it up close and personal... it needs a belt to set of the the shirt. And probably a longer cardi. Good to know. To be honest- this was so wonderfully layered and comfy and warm that I will wear it again... at home.
Cardi- thrifted
White shirt- thrifted
Aqua shirt- thrifted
Jeans- thrifted
Necklace: $10 Wal-mart find
Earrings: Premiere Designs
Aqua flower ring- made by me

I think the earrings cost as much as the rest of the outfit! They are fun earrings and I wear them tons.
The Premiere Party lady  totally had me when she said, 
"These earrings are designed to make round faces look thinner."
Caught me- hook, line and sinker.
I love 'em so I consider it a splurge worthy purchase.

I love this ring- it says Spring! to me and makes me smile every time I look at it.

Another seriously comfy outfit.
Top- Meijer sale two summer ago
Sweater- from a box of clothes my niece gave Ms. Books
Nest Necklace: Made for me by Ms. Books
Jeans- thrifted
Brown flats- thrifted

I do believe this would look better with skinny jeans as the top is so big.
It's also seriously toasty and I love that.
As for the picture- Ms. Books loves to catch me laughing when she's doing our "photo shoots" as she now calls them.
The Nest Necklace- our very first Pinterest project

Comfy outfit #3- I sense a theme here....
Blue Cardigan- thrifted
White Tank- Meijer sale last summer
Striped Tank- thrifted
Necklace: Wal-mart
Earrings: Premiere Designs
Jeans- thrifted
Grey Chucks- borrowed from Ms. Books

Oh how I love dressing comfortable!

Comfy Outfit #4: My Farm Girl Look
White T (under shirt): Pick Your Plum
Plaid Shirt: thrifted
Hooded Cardigan (AE): thrifted
Jeans: Levi Signature dark wash bootcut (purchased at Wal-mart- not thrifted)
Boots: old, as in older than my son old
Button bracelet: booth at Country Living Fair 
(wish I could remember the name of the booth- I love this bracelet)
Steamers on door: leftover from birthday surprise extravaganza

This outfit needed some cool earrings... all I can say is I was up and out the door early this morning-- 
I'm just glad for the fact that I remembered to comb my hair.

And so I am left not knowing... if I will continue with these posts or just work on my style "off line".
I must say- the photos help me better see the hits and misses and what might need to be tweaked.

Thru this time of posting WIWW with The Pleated Poppy I found out some things....
:: I am not a washed up mom- I've got style
:: I need to smile more for the camera
:: Morning lighting is best for these photo shoots- and morning is when I look the most put together
:: Ms. Books is the best photographer for this assignment... others have been known to cut off part of my head and shoot from some seriously unflattering angles... they shall remain nameless.
:: Accessorizing makes an outfit-- I'm still learning about the balance and right amounts
:: I found my body style through another poster on WIWW- I'm in between an "H" and an "I" (also known as the straight or rectangle body shape). Helpful to know.

So- Question: Do I keep posting what I wore or does this just not fit here?
I'm curious as this really stretched me out of my comfort zone big time.... and I mean BIG

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  1. I totally appreciate seeing those outfit ideas. t's inspiring me to dress a little up - I've been looking more diligetn at Goodwill for these types. Just not finding a ton lately. :) But some for church - encouraging me to be a little more "trendy" rather than just comfy! :)




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