Thursday, March 22, 2012

WIWW: Still painting and GW

Day late, again... oh well.
Obviously, from this post, we're still doing a lot of painting and the like around here.
Which means I'm mostly wearing paint splattered clothes- no need to photograph that. Oh wait- here's a shot Ms. Books took of me painting the counter top:
Vintage T-shirt from my days working at my friend's pizza place
paint splattered mom jeans
That's some style right there...

Okay- I don't go out of the house looking like that... um, well, except that one day when I had to make a run to the Dairy Queen drive-thru... but I didn't get out of my car...

Right here is something a bit better:
Friday- Homeschool Group Day:
Green Tank- Chadwicks (ages ago)
White shirt- GW
Jeans- GW
Flats- Target
Necklace & Earrings- Premier Designs
Love Mercy Bracelet- Mercy House

Isn't it beautiful?!
It's called "Botanical" and I've had my eye on it for quite awhile.
A homeschoolin' mama friend of mine sells Premier... so I treated myself.
It just says SPRING to me.

Sunday- Church:
Cardi- GW
Top- GW
Black pants- my sister
Shoes- my mama (via GW)
Ring: made by me
Bracelet: buttons- bought at Country Living Fair
Earrings: Pick Your Plum (made by me)
Necklace- a big ol' strand of linked beads
I bought at Hobby Lobby for a project but decided to leave as is

Wish you could see my shoes- they're stinkin' cute. And I have got to talk to my photog about her crazy angles and fancy photography- keep it simple girlie! I look like I've got one shoulder higher than the other (they are both the same height, I assure you). If I only had this picture to go on, I'm not sure I'd continue wearing this outfit... however, I received at least half a dozen compliments on my outfit at church so I think its a keeper.

Notice the addition of the wiring in the background. Mr. Steady  thought all our remodeling would be a great time to make homemade surround sound with some old car speakers he's been keeping for about a couple of decades... I shared with him that the redneck wiring (and taping) is hurting the aesthetics of my new room... His response, "This is just temporary. I'll think of something."
Oh, please do, sweetheart. A something that doesn't involve more green tape... or speakers on my end tables.

---- If you've been following my What I Wore Wednesday Posts, you'll find that a good 85% or more of my wardrobe comes from Goodwill (GW). My mother is the Goodwill Shopping Queen and loves to shop for me and my kiddos (as well as my siblings' families). She finds super great bargains and I am in awe of her prowess. I'm still in training. I found a GW about 40 minutes away in a college town that has some serious good name brand thriftiness. Its just down from Aldi. That's combined errand running right there. Thanks to GW and Pinterest and Polyvore and finding my body shape, I'm developing some style and weeding out the closet. I'm glad to say the only mom jeans I own are those paint splattered ones. I'm making notes from my stuff on Pinterest and Polyvore and creating a shopping list of items and colors to be on the look out for at GW. So far I think it's going quite well. And it's not breaking the bank.

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