Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WIWW: Blues

It's Wednesday! The more I keep at this the more I learn... to like it, how to pair outfits, how to not freak seeing so much of me in photos...
I love this WIWW post from Biblical Homemaking that explains why we do these types of posts.
I really couldn't agree more.

Sunday- Church:
Tank- JCP
Cardi- Chadwicks
Pants- gifted from my Sis
Shoes- thrifted and gifted from my Mama
Necklace- Made by Ms. Books
Peacock colored Posy- Made by me
Earrings- Premier Designs
Bracelet trio- clearance Wal-mart

School day & some errands in afternoon:
Top- thrifted GW
Cardi- thrifted GW
Cuffed Jeans- thrifted GW
Shoes- old, Target
Scarf- Amazon
Pin- borrowed from Ms. Books
Mercy Bracelet- Mercy House Shop
Button Bracelet- booth at CL Fair

One of Ms. Books hair clips was sitting on the counter
in the bathroom so I picked it up and clipped it on.
I like how it adds a little extra something to the outfit.
She asked me, "Mom, you know that's a hair clip right?"
I told her, "Yes, but it works with this!"

Stay at home day- school:
Tank- thrifted GW
Cardi- thrifted GW
Jeans- thrifted GW
Shoes- thrifted & gifted from my Mama
Scarf- Pick Your Plum
Posy- made by me
Earrings- Premier Designs

School day- church activity in evening:
Long sleeve top- thrifted GW
Striped Button Up- found in back of closet, old
Cardi- thrifted GW
Jeans- Thrifted GW
Shoes- Thrifted GW
Necklace- Premier Designs
Earrings- old
Button Bracelet- CL Fair

This was a dig in the closet for something new to layer outfit. I love the colors and am very pleased with how it turned out. Speaking of color... it looks like there is a theme color to my week- Blues!
the weather permitted some outside shots this week... allowing me to be photographed away from those awful speaker wires on the floor...
The location for those last two shots... our carriage barn out back. I'm standing on a cedar log Mr. Steady has been 'curing' for some projects. I love the chipped, worn paint, rusty hinges the moss and the log... texture! I think Ms. Books might talk me into that locale again!

pleated poppy

Momma Go Round


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