Thursday, March 22, 2012

What I've been up to...

So very much going on here at the Yellow Townie Farmhouse.
And I'm so stinkin' excited about all the changes.
Yeah, you read that right- I'm excited about change!
Oh, I find that statement hilarious.
Here's the change I'm talking about...
We've just about finished the dining and living room redos and have moved on to the kitchen...

Here's what we used on that nasty 1970s Formica:

Rust-Oleum's Countertop Coating- purchased for just over $20 bucks with tax.
What a sweet deal! I've got a new counter top for just over $20!
Oh, plus the cost of a good roller brush...
and paint brush...
because there was no washing those puppies up after that seriously stinky, sticky epoxy like painting....
However- we'd already used that roller brush and paint brush to paint both the dining and living rooms... so that brings the cost down some.... prior usage and all that...
So I think it's safe to say I've got a new counter for around $20 smackers.

[NOTE: Since so many people wanted to know- I put together a counter top update.
Go here to see how this counter top is holding up 2 years later.]

So what did I learn from this project?
When they say "well-ventilated area" they really, REALLY mean it.
This stuff stinks to high heaven.... ventilate real good my friends. And use fans. In windows. Sucking out the bad air... And close as many other doors as you can so that between painting coats you can go to a fume-free room to relax.

I also learned the importance of a really seriously good smooth surface roller brush.
Don't go cheaper here people. Purdy makes some really great brushes and rollers.
Contractor grade is what we used (I think the roller cost me around $5).
That is after I used a "cheaper" roller to begin with... which left little bubbles in the paint
and little fuzzies.... Good news is two coats using the super great roller will help hide a lot of mistakes.
A lot.
And I don't mind a slight textured appearance to my counter top
not one bit.
Because this is better than what came before.

Here's a close up of what it use to look like:

That's some real deal 70's Formica there... been here a good 35+ years I figure.
So it's okay to give it a face lift...
I never loved it and wish I'd known about this counter top paint a looooong time ago.
I will so be using it when the opportunity presents itself again.

What's Next?
The Backsplash
Mr. Steady and I picked out these Fasade Panels at Menards.
Ours is the Cross Hatch Silver version.
All you do is cut to fit and glue.
Since it requires measuring and not just eyeballin' it- this will be Mr. Steady's job.
The backsplash is currently that Formica covered with ivy contact paper... a job that about killed this eyeballin' girl seventeen years ago... obviously its time to let the contact paper go... it was good for what it covered and the cost back in the day...

After that- we tackle the cabinets.
Then the walls
and trim.
And lastly- that old floor...
Oh boy.


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