Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Such Words- Fuel for my Soul

Reading, memorizing and praying scripture is extremely important to me.
Sometimes- when a certain verse(s) rocks my world- I write it down and stick it in my pocket.
I like to carry it with me throughout the day (or for several days) and reference it often.
Sometimes I'll just pat my pocket- knowing its there brings me secret joy. 
That action is a reminder-  my call to prayer.
I've been reading through the Book of Ephesians for about four weeks now and think I'll be at it for at least another two weeks. 
This verse (Message version) resonated with me big time.
So I wrote it out and tucked it in my pocket--

Perhaps... after I've carried it in my pocket for a few days- I will use this as a bookmark... or tuck it in this smash journal I made.
Tangible reminders are an important part of the learning process for me. I love to write out scripture on the margins of my planner, on the kids work, on the chalk/white boards, on slips of paper to tuck in my pocket or in my purse or post on mirrors, put in frames etc. I love to see scripture written out and placed in my home for me to see daily. I love the beautiful scripture artwork that is popping up all over on Pinterest and I find myself pinning such loveliness like crazy. This is my "verse" board:

Ah, such words are good fuel for my soul.


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