Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Speakin' my love language- 18 years of lovin' and project chaos

Popping in to let y'all know that posting is gonna be sporadic and possibly spastic...
Mr. Steady seriously knows how to speak my love language {Acts of Service}.
Instead of going away for our 18th anniversary-- we took that money and spent it on paint and really expensive, fancy better-last-as-long-as-forever contractor grade paint brushes and rollers and tape and stuff.
We spent a quiet lovely weekend together painting our living and dining rooms.
Not the entire weekend. We did take a day trip to one of our favorite light houses- in fact, visiting this light house at the end of winter is an anniversary tradition.

We enjoyed a couple of leisurely drives (one to the lighthouse, another to the home improvement store). As we drove I read our bible study chapter to him and shared my current reading from Ephesians. And we discussed and talked and laughed and shared. And made new plans- exciting, fun plans that I will readily admit scare me as much as excite me.... We reminisced about the last eighteen years.
We celebrated us. 

Here's what I shared on my fb wall about us: We talked about all we've been through in those 18 years- the good the bad, the heartbreaking, the hilarious, the testings, the challenges, the love, the kids, the financial hardships, the amazing blessings and miracles, and we both decided that while we'd never want to relive all those experiences and how for some of them- we'd love to, just for a moment, experience it again- like holding each child for the first time.... what we've been thru in 18 years, the good, bad, awful and wonderful has shaped and most assuredly strengthened our marriage- we have faced hardships that either break a marriage or cement it. We've cemented it. We both said we are thankful for ALL that we have experienced together and look forward to what God has planned for our tomorrows. No matter what- and we mean that- we will hold tight to each other and to our God. We are blessed.

And about that Love Language talkin'.... here's a couple before pictures.
I'm not altogether fond of the photos themselves. We'd already started taking stuff off the walls and moving furniture etc. before I remembered to take a before shot:

This is my living room. My sunny living room. I love you sunshine!

Another shot of the living room- we already started to move furniture.

Here's where we're at right now:

An in-process shot of a corner of the dining room... this paneling has been dark and old since before we bought the house... can't believe I've lived with it for 18 years...
No longer...
I've tried to go back and find a good picture of this wall to show you... but I truly have not loved that wall for quite some time and it seems that I avoid taking photos of it at all costs...
Here's the best I can do right now- our back to school dinner- look at that background... dark!

We also have the tough task of repainting ALL our baseboards and trim. While I love our thick ornate late 1800s baseboards and our  beautiful unique trim around ALL our windows...
I'm seriously disliking that I must repaint it all.
It is all badly chipped and paint was actually peeling in some spots but the paint gorgeous patina of age to it... the once white had mellowed to a beautiful mellower cream.
Thank goodness for paint chip cards and color matching.
Sherwin Williams' Antique White was an almost flawless match!

I'm hoping to pop in again soon and share some lovely "after" photos.

Also- 'cuz I feel like sharing- their won't be a What I Wore Wednesday post this week... because I've worn the same paint covered clothes for four days straight... and for two of those days I didn't even bother washing my hair.... 

New paint on walls: Behr's Clay Pebble


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