Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinteresting Homeschoolers located here

Over the last month, I've been mentioning my love of Pinterest on here a lot.

There's just so much wonderfulness on there... and I do admit to getting carried away...
quite often.
To the point that I must set a timer on myself otherwise I've been known to spend hours... with an "s" on the end wrapped up in all things pinteresting....
Today's Pinterest topic is: Homeschooling.
Here's a quick peek at my Homeschool board:

Pinterest is a marvelous place for Homeschoolers to get sucked in to find all sorts of schooling wonderfulness.
Just type "homeschool" in the search bar and click... thousands upon thousands of pins.... you can get lost.
When I first started pinning and realized the treasure trove I was finding for homeschooling- that's exactly what I did- a search but it was time consuming and my eyes blurred and it soon wasn't so fun anymore.
So- I started a homeschooling pin board and when people would click on my homeschool pins or follow my homeschool board I would click on them to see what interesting things I might find... this kind of rabbit trailing has proven way more lucrative than those first blind searches. Since the Pinterest craze is really taking off- I've also found that some of my favorite homeschooling mama blogs have Pinterest Boards and so I click from their websites to their boards and investigate from there.
Other times I do specific searches- I recently found a whole lotta science stuff by searching "Apologia".
Side note: Jeannie Fulbright (author of the Elementary Apologia books) has her own Pinterest account and created this wonderful "Apologia Science Extras" board. I pinned a bunch of wonderful science stuff of that board and because it's Jeannie Fulbright-- a homeschooling mama-- I clicked her name to see if she had more homeschool-ish boards; she does.
when you click on a pin, you are able to see a list of others who have pinned the same pin- sometimes I click on one or two or twelve and see what other homeschool awesomeness I can find.
See how easy this is? Why I need a timer?

Here is a great post about Pinterest and Homeschooling with lots of links: "30 Ways Homeschoolers are using Pinterest".
As for my homeschool board... you won't find ideas of PreK or kindergarten activities on this board as I no longer have children that age- other than that- you'll find an eclectic mish-mash of wonderfulness.

Do you have a homeschool board on Pinterest? Let me know- I'd love to check you out!


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