Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Frugal Grocery Spending: Week Two

Week two of the grocery spending challenge is complete.
After last week’s big spending, this week was bound to be an itty bitty shopping week. Whew.

Week two
Onion Buns $2.48 {splurge}
GV Dried Cranberries $4.88
Sam’s Choice Root Beer (2 liter) $.84
Sam’s Choice Cherry Cola (2 liter) $.84
Roma Tomatoes 1 lb. $.95
French Bread 2 @ $.92 each
16 oz. Mozzarella cheese chunk $4.23
Chapstick- Green apple (bought 2) $2.08 (w/tax)
Fructis Conditioner $5.27 (w/tax)
Total: $23.41

1 gallon Milk $2.89
1 dozen large eggs $1.19
Truffle eggs $3.20 {splurge} (w/tax)
Total: $7.28

Grand Total spent this week on groceries: $30.69

Yippee! $44.31 under budget! With splurge purchases! The onion buns were for our super duper Daddy burgers (we love, love, love his burgers on onion buns) otherwise I don’t like to spend more than a buck on an 8 pack of buns and I prefer to make my own (recipe here). We consider the 2 two-liters of pop to be splurges too as we don’t have it very often. We’re planning some root beer floats and I’m a sucker for cherry cola—Mr. Steady likes to indulge me.
I even made some non-grocery purchases…. Chapstick and hair conditioner. I was thrilled to find Garnier’s Fructis Conditioner for such a deal (25.4 oz. container). I purchased a travel size of this conditioner to try out a month ago and loved the results. Mine is Body Boost for fine or flat hair- having kiddos has seriously changed my hair over the years and I’ve been on the look-out for something new for awhile now. My girls have wonderfully thick hair with lots of body (the way mine use to be) and they use a different type of conditioner than I do. That means this bottle is gonna last me a long, long time… yay!
It did help this week’s budget out that Mr. Steady and I celebrated our anniversary with a three day kids-free weekend. A weekend in which we splurged on take out and special dinners and no cooking for me! {all paid for through our Anniversary Fund}Our stop at Aldi was a spur of the moment thing as we were driving by on one of our anniversary day trips- hence the purchase of the truffles… chocolate splurge for two. Normally Aldi is a 40 minute drive one-way for me, which is part of the reason we try to go only once a month and incorporate other errands in that area.

Total spent so far this month on groceries: $166.06 

Week One
One Year ago- 6 weeks of groceries


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