Thursday, March 29, 2012

God Smiles- Breathing in His beauty

I just gotta say- I love it when God smiles on me.
He always smiles in such a big way.
Just minutes after posting this post
I go to this blog to read because I love how uplifting and encouraging the posts are...
And I find this post.

And these words... "Slow down. Stop hopping from task to task. No more rushing from place to place. Pay attention to that which surrounds me. Breathe in His beauty. Soak up His good, good gifts. Ignore petty inconveniences. Create something to savor. Just slow down." -- Annalea Hart

And I see- she wrote .... Slow down. in dry erase marker right on the window of her door.
Two seconds later I've got my dry erase marker and I'm going to it on the back door (which is also the schoolroom door). Its stuck in my head- I know exactly what I need to write. I'm writing on the inside so I can see it daily and be reminded when I look out...
Slow down
Breathe in His beauty....
Soak up His good, good gifts.

I write it big and put it right out there. About 30 seconds and I've made something beautiful- I've created something to savor... I love it.

The photo doesn't do it justice- we had to put a piece of poster board up so you could really see the words.

This is my view- our backyard...

Just lovin' the reminder....
And the God Smile.
He knew just what I needed.
Isn't it just like Him to love me like this?!

Jesus at the center-- good changes...


  1. Yes, this IS an excellent reminder! I needed this idea! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for Sunshine Blogger Award over on my blog! I found your blog recently and have really enjoyed reading here. Thought I'd share the love with this little award!

  2. Thank you Kate for sharing the love. :o) Hope I can pass it along when I get a breather... trying to remind myself daily to slow down and breathe!
    God Bless.



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