Saturday, February 11, 2012

Worship here-- God is crazy good like that

I am failing to put the words together to tell you how incredibly amazing this video is...
It just is.
Watch this {note: it will require 30 minutes of your time but you will be ohsovery glad you spent it... it will NOT be wasted time, I assure you.}

Incredible wasn't it?
I still get chillbumps.
We all gathered around the laptop and for 30 whole minutes this house was silent except for this video.
For 30 whole minutes there was the most amazing chillbump-producing worship going on right here.
Tears were shed- and not just by the mama.
To hear God's Word spoken so.... so worshipfully.
It undoes me.

And what's more?
I started my own study of Ephesians this week.
Isn't it just like God to smile on me like this and have a friend send me this link?
Yep. Just like Him.
I can just hear him, "Hey, watch this... Amy started studying Ephesians this week and I know she'll enjoy this. I want to do this for her to show her I'm listening and that I love her more than she can ever imagine. Won't she get a kick out of this?!"
And she does.
God is crazy good like that, dontcha know.


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