Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 3- finding new quirks: WIWW

Week 3 of What I Wore... For a girl use to throwing on the first thing she grabs from the drawer... because really, why do I need to dress up because I just homeschool and stay home all the day long.... I sure have been indecisive in front of my closet lately... Because I want to stop being that girl that throws on jeans and a T-shirt and a pair of running shoes. I've decided I need to change it up even if I'm just staying home. I like the way I feel when I'm more "put together" and I do believe that's okay. Better than okay actually. It leaves me feeling pretty fan-tab-ulous.

Sunday- church:

Sweater and tank: Old Navy picked up at Goodwill
Jeans- Levi Signature- bootcut
Shoes- stinkin' cute- GW (gift from my mama)
Heart shaped prayer locket: Mother's Day gift from my kiddos ages ago. 
The prayer tucked inside? Exodus 14:13-14
Earrings- Premier Jewelry

Socks- Old Navy loooong time ago.
It was a cold day and I didn't want to go barefooted with the heels nor did I want to wear hose and I didn't have any knee-highs so this is what I did.
My hubs and Ms. Books were heard to say, "That's so you."
Yep. A little bit of crazy mixed in it.
It makes me smile.

Valentine's Day:

Red zip up sweater: Chadwicks bought 6+ years ago
Aqua Long sleeve T: Old Navy via Goodwill
Jeans: Lee Rider- boot cut
Shoes: Merrill's - GW (my mama)
The shoes are super comfy but I've never really been one to wear red shoes. I'm working on it though.

Hair Posey- made by me from an aqua t-shirt
Aqua flower Ring: Made by me with stuff I purchased from Pick Your Plum.

White top: Pick Your Plum
Green Top: Ann Taylor Loft from a thrift store
Jeans: Lee Riders
Shoes: Route 66 picked up at GW
Socks: Old Navy a long time ago
Bracelet: Made by me
Posey: 31 Purses
Earrings: Made by me with stuff I purchased from Pick Your Plum

Bracelet tutorial... tweaked from here:

The earrings are super fun. I've got more that I plan on painting....
Definitely at least one aqua pair... another peacock blue....

I'm learning I like fun socks. I've always been a white socks and tennis shoes girl but I'm branching out.
And I think it's fun.
Which is something WIWW has shown me.


pleated poppy


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