Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 2: What I wore

Week two of my What I Wore Wednesday posts.
This is still out of my comfort zone... Ms. Books and I have agreed that I'll do this for one month.
She likes the idea and enjoys taking pictures and giving input plus she too is being motivated to not only get dressed (that girls loves her some jammies!) but to dress up in more than a t-shirt and jeans. So that part's good.
The part where I put it out right on here in my little bloggy house for y'all... awkward.
Just is.
In our family, a good 90% of the time- I'm the photographer. There have been family outings where, if you didn't know I was taking the photos you wouldn't know I was there.
Then I was directed to this wonderful post about photographing yourself and felt nudged...
that was months ago.
I'm still not good at giving up the camera and I've never turned it on myself but I am blessed that my Ms. Books is also a wonderful budding photographer.
So this is me... stepping out a bit further.
I blame it on that whole "Word of the Year" thing... this jumping out and jumping in.
Makes me kinda giddy with excitement some days and wanting to hide under the covers on others.
These are the days I got up from under the covers....


Top: Old Navy from Goodwill
Cardigan: ???
Pants: from my sister
Scarf: Amazon ($10! I know!)
Brooch Pin: My Gran's (and a real bit of loveliness)
Shoes: from my mama- she picked em up at- where else? GW

I received a ton of compliments at church about the wonderful color combo I had going on, 
that I looked so "spring-y" etc. and that was very very nice. Very.
Ms. Books said it was confirmation that I can mix it up a bit.
That girl makes me smile.

Another day....

Bad lighting here. I blame it on the fact that it was night time and 
Ms. Books had to "track me down" to get the photo. Mama wasn't really cooperating.
I feel the need to point out that amazing painting in the background... My Sassafras did that.
I love it.
Top: from Goodwill
Brown long sleeve shirt: Meijer
Jeans: Lee Riders- boot cut from GW
Hair Posey: booth at Country Living Fair
Necklace: Acorn on ribbon from my Mama for my birthday
Shoes: brown flats-Route 66 purchased at GW

This is Ms. Books getting me in mid-laugh. I  think I like it.
This is also my comfy attire. I was going for warm and workable- cleaning and cooking today!
Grey top: Old Navy picked up at GW
Sweater: Express bought at  GW (oh how I love it's warm coziness)
Jeans: Lee Riders- GW
Shoes: my favorite knockin' around tennies- New Balance.

Someone told me that posing with your arms propped on your hips makes you look slimmer... seems I took that to heart this week! Hmm.

pleated poppy


  1. Said it before. Saying it again. You are cute and gorgeous! I especially love the brown tee and green top. Sooooo pretty!! :)

  2. Ah, Jaimie- you are too kind by far. Your words are a balm to this out of her comfort zone girl. Thank you.



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