Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweet Sassafras' Special Day

Sweet Sassafras' Special Day
My sweet, sweet Sassafras is twelve years old today.
This is for her:

Sass is my middle child. 

She is compassionate,
and so much more.
She is my sunshine on a grey day. She sings so sweetly and has a smile a mile wide...
Oh that smile... I love it when she grins big and the cutest dimple appears right under her left eye.

The girl asked for Seven Brides for Seven Brothers for her birthday.
She sings all the songs and thinks its neater than neat that her mama married the seventh out of seven brothers.
My mama heart is full to the brim today as we celebrate all our Sassafras is to us.
I cannot put to words what it meant to kneel next to her bed last night and pray over my sleepy sweetie... to pray for her today and her tomorrows, for her to follow hard after God all the days of her life, for her school, her career, her future marriage... so much I want for my little girl who isn't so little any more.
So today I take great delight in her. I rejoice over her with singing.
Just as He does.

Happy Birthday Sassafras!


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