Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinspired Again! Light it up!

Another Pin-spiration!
It's Craftacular!
Here's what I pinned:

and this one...

And here's what I made.

The superest funnest part of the project is that I had absoLUTEly every single piece already on hand....
You know what that means, right?
Say it with me: FREEBIE BABY!

Tools Needed:
Two hands

Supplies Needed:
clean glass jar(s)
epsom salts
jute or twine
old skeleton key(s)

I would have preferred white candles but blue was what was on hand.

1. Take your jute, hold on to a nice length (about 5-6 inches) and wrap around the bottom of the lip of the jar.
2. Hold that 5 inch long length down with finger of one hand while continuing to wind jute around and around and around the top of the jar. I just kept wrapping it until it had the look I wanted. I didn't worry about overlap or not overlap. I like hap-hazard.
3. Cut your jute about 5 inches from last winding and tie it off, double knot.

4. Slip your cool key onto jute and tie it on! You can tie it in a knot like I did or a bow. It's up to you!
You'll probably need to trim your jute a little after you tie it on. I cut a couple inches of each end of mine.

5. Pour in epsom salts.

6. Nestle your candle in.

7. (optional) Make another.
I made three. I like odd numbers.

Light that baby UP!


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