Monday, February 20, 2012

The other side of a hard week with great thanks

God is so good all the time… I just can’t capture all that goodness that He hides in just a single day… but I can capture small pieces and those serve to remind me…

Lord Thank You for these gifts….
Baking Day
Breakfast prayers
Spontaneous family worship
Chillbumps because God is really more than that good
Maintaining a life of thanks in the midst of it
Girlfriend days and trying out recipes we find on Pinterest
Post it note written prayers
Glass milk bottles
Finding lightning rocks
Sharing bible study insights together
Snuggling under handmade blankets
Craft-tacular projects with my girls
God hears the whispers of my heart
Sharing a friend's joyful secret
His strength for my weakness- what a trade off!
Mr. Steady's constancy- his love, his care, his support
Making it through to the other side of a hard week and knowing God stood beside me the whole entire time


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