Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Pinteresting

I heart Pinterest.
A lot.
I have found some wonderful recipes that have now become family favorites...
like this casserole:

We love this super idea for yogurt smoothies- especially when a batch of yogurt I made turned out rather soupy:

Source: thetidynest.com via Amy on Pinterest

We find this to be a wonderful fun way to eat fruit and French Toast-- making breakfast ohsovery special:

And wonderful projects....
like this necklace:

Just from looking at this photograph- Ms. Books and I were able to make felt envelopes for my niece Ree for Christmas- we even made felt hearts to go in them- hand stitching sweet senitments on each side of a felt heart then sewing the sides together:

Source: etsy.com via Amy on Pinterest

And I made these for Ree too.... It was so stinkin' easy- I whipped them out while we watched family movies!

And cleaning ideas.... oh what wonderful stuff I've found....
Like Toilet Cleaning Bombs- my kids lined up to clean the toilets!

Source: howdoesshe.com via Amy on Pinterest

And this idea for cleaning that stubborn ick on Mr. Steady's fancy frying pans:

Turtle wax for my stove top- no kidding! I gave it a good scrub then rubbed the wax on it... so far, clean up's been a breeze:

Source: realsimple.com via Amy on Pinterest

I even started a pin board called "Pinned It, Did It" where I repin stuff I'd made, done,  tried out, created etc.

There is such wonderfulness there.... We've made meals, and gifts, and decorated, found paint colors for the kitchen, homemade cleaning products, favorite sayings to add to quote journals....
 It's even helped me to start finding my style thanks to Pinterest. 

I'd seriously give up Facebook before I'd do away with Pinterest. I even find myself telling my sister- "Put it (that craft/that recipe/that wonderfulness) on your blog so I can Pin It!"


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