Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Deal

In honor of Leap Day today- I treated my sweet kinfolk to some serious yummy donuts from a wonderful local donut shop. While out on my little donut run, I quick popped into a tiny local grocery store for their Leap Year Wednesday meat deal. I hardly ever shop at this little store as their regular prices are a bit higher than the big box stores and the layout is cramped- but it was just two blocks from the donut shop and they were selling hamburger for $1.99 a pound (in 3 pound packages).
So I picked up six pounds.
Pork tenderloin portions were also $1.99/pound. I purchased a little over three pounds.
And there were strawberries! For 99 cents a pound.
I bought 3 pounds of the red berries.
Total spent $21.56.
I was pretty tickled.
When I got home I immediately repackaged the hamburger into one pound portions and put it in the freezer. Mr. Steady will fillet the pork tenderloin and we'll repackage that for the freezer too.
Now, as for the strawberries- I do believe the deal was so special because there were a quite a few bruised strawberries. I washed them all and separated the bruised from the really good ones. I ended up with a container of good berries that went back in the fridge. As for the rest- I hulled them, cut off any bruised spot and placed  them on a waxed lined cookie sheet. The cookie sheet went in the freezer for a couple of hours.
Next, I put the frozen berries in freezer bags and back in the freezer for us to enjoy in our yogurt smoothies and  milkshakes at some other time.

I'm feeling pretty swell.
And fairly frugal.

Frugal Update: Mr. Steady just got home from work and brought home 4 dozen eggs... 99 cents a dozen! What a frugaling Leap Day we're having.... and it looks like eggs are on the menu...
A friend gave me some French bread slices so I'm thinking of shaking it up a little and having French toast for breakfast in the morn.... with strawberries of course!


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