Monday, February 13, 2012

Grateful for this present hardness

Lord, today has been tough.
Really, really tough.

Today is hard thankfuls.
Because I AM still thankful.
I am thankful for the snag on my sweater- I have more clothes to change into.
I am thankful for the mold on the veggies in the fridge- we aren't going hungry.
I am thankful for the difficult school day, because tomorrow will be oh so much the better.
I am thankful for the things still undone on my list... there's still tomorrow and, to be honest, these are not eternal issues I'm dealing with here.
I am thankful for catching her lie-- I have a chance for a teachable moment.
I am thankful I locked the bathroom door and just cried... I just am.

I am thankful for the ache in my knee... a reminder I fell on my knees before Him with no thought that it might pain me in ways I hadn't imagined... and that was only yesterday... the slight ache is my call to prayer today...

I am  thankful for a daughter's pent up sigh and eye roll... a boy's whine and another daughter's frustrated tears... because I felt the same. The VERY same. So thankful those are only just moments- they come and go and do not last.

I am thankful for him walking in the door holding a single pretty pink rose.... he didn't know what my day was like, he didn't know, at first, why the sight of that single sweet rose undid me.
I am thankful for the groceries he picked up and how he just held me close in the kitchen in the midst of the chaos.
For him sitting beside her and discussing her schooling in a much more calm voice than mine.
I am thankful he took the parenting decision- the administering of the punishment rather than me.
I am thankful that tomorrow isn't today.

And so- I continue to count thanks.... every day... 1339-1354


  1. Sweet Amy, I'm in tears...partly because I, too, have days like this (minus the kiddos and homeschooling...but my kind of "all-I-can-do-is-cry" days), but mostly because of the blessing of your husband...bringing a flower on the very day you needed it most.

    God is so gracious, to us all, isn't he?


  2. Yes. God is above and beyond gracious.
    I love it when He smiles on me like that- just because he can.



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