Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sickies come to visit

A girl should know not to brag about never hardly if ever getting sick.
Those words come back to haunt you.
I had a bad cough that hung on for over 2 weeks in November. And I lost my voice for a few days.
That never happens.
And then..
The flu.
Oh man. I have completely forgotten what being sick is...
as in more than awful.
I have an amazing husband. [No kidding].
Who upon hearing the words, "I threw up three times in the middle of the night." called in to work and took the day off.
He took care of me.
He did school with the kids.
And he made me be still.
He did the grocery shopping [big storm coming].
He and Ms. Books made supper- a new recipe I was going to try and they made it! [Thank you menu planning]
It was good, even if I only had the broth part...
He and the kiddos watched Netflix downstairs while I watched the same one upstairs on the laptop- family time in a round about way even if we couldn't all be together...
He put the kiddos to bed after they piled in the doorway to blow me kisses good-night.

I spent the entire day in bed. As it was the closest to the bathroom.
I think the last time I spent an entire day in bed is when I was on bed rest right before having Ms. Books.
I did a lot of thinking
and praying.
I did a lot of nothing.
Thought to myself, "Well, Lord. You did tell me you wanted me to be still. However, this wasn't how I envisioned it."
Ah, how His plans are not our plans.
God showed me that my family can, for one whole day, take care of themselves.
That Mr. Steady can take care of a whole big school day (although he said he does have a new appreciation for how I get it all done with 3 of them).
That they hate me being sick just as much as I hate it when any of them are sick.
That I am loved beyond measure.

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  1. I hope you are feeling all better by now, and thank God for a kind hubby to take care of you and keep things running at home!



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