Thursday, January 26, 2012


Had a seriously fun project day yesterday afternoon with my girls.
First we took a trip to Hobby Lobby- armed with a 40% off coupon and Pinterest ideas swirling in my head. I managed to keep myself under control and walk away from HL having spent under $15.00.
That's a seriously good deal. Especially when I think of all I did with $11 and some change.
Here are my Pin-sperations:

And this one-

At Hobby Lobby I purchased:
2-pack 16x20 canvases for $7.99
1 package 4 inch red vinyl stick on letters [brand: Headline Sign] $ 3.99
{note: vinyl letters were found with stencils down the last art supply aisle and I picked 4" because of the price, the size and the number of letters in the package matched up with what I needed... such as 3 "L"s}
2 containers Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint in North Sea for $1.27 each
I used my 40% off coupon on the canvases [making them $4.49- that's only $2.25 each!]
With tax my total was $11.68
Mod-podging paper

Add caption

Mod-podging again

waiting for mod-podge to dry

Doesn't look too bad with the red letters even!

I started using a ruler to line the letters up and then I gave up and just eye-balled them. It was quicker for this impatient crafter and I think it looks pretty good.

2 coats of North Sea- dry between coats
eventually these canvases will hang above the piano

Pin It
Also needed for this project-- stuff I had on hand:
paint brushes
Pages from old books
Krylon Matte Finish Spray

{side note for It is Well Canvases- I think I'm going to wipe a brown glaze over it all to "antique" it a bit and soften the look of it.}

Once my creative juices get flowing it's hard to stop... and I just loved the paint color I picked out...
So much so that I took down the shelf in the living room and decided to paint it too.

And- I've seen this on Pinterest and decided I too wanted to display My Word of the Year.

I had the 5x7 canvas already in my craft box and I used scrapbooking alphabet stickers I had on hand. And more of that lovely North Sea colored paint.... plus mod-podging on more book pages

I'm liking that pop of red next to the Word....

About the book pages: I bought a few old Readers Digest Condensed Books at Goodwill with the idea of using the really cool book covers for homemade journals... So glad I saved the pages too- nice and old and discolored... All I did was use an exacto-knife to carefully cut the cover and then again to cut out a few pages...
Aren't those awesome book covers...


  1. What beautiful and inspiring crafts! I love what you did; thank you for sharing.

  2. I love your pin-spirations! 'It Is Well With My Soul' is one of my favorite hymns!
    I'm addicted to Pinterest!


  3. Such an inspiring idea! Perfect for a winter day inside. Your finished product is lovely.

  4. Those are so beautiful! I really want to make the first one! Thank you! Guess I need to finally get Pinterest-ed. :)

  5. Hi Amy, the stick on vinyl letters were easy to remove without removing any of the book pages? Many thanks, Linda

    1. Linda-
      Great Question! I was very careful on how I lifted the letters up and took my time pulling gently. They came up off the book pages nicely. I think adding the coat of mod podge to the tops of the book pages probably helped with this.



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