Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On Marking Dates and Making Plans

In some ways I like change.
And in others not so much.
One thing I thought to change up was my daily, weekly, monthly planner.
I have tried a few different ones, had finally hit upon one I liked and wouldn't you know it-
this year I decided to opt for a change.
Mostly to save a bit of $.
I have decided I don't like it.
And I'm going back.
For the past five years, almost all our homeschooling years, I have used the Polestar Family Calendar and planner.

Updated to add: I just noticed that my link for Amazon has the family calendar price skyrocketed up to $43.93. I don't know why this is... you can go here: to the Polestar website and get it for $10 plus shipping and handling.

I love it's spiral binder that allows for it to stay flat.
I love its big box monthly calendar and monthly planning two-page spreads.
I love the heavy feel of the pages.
How my pen just glided across the page....
And the little perforated bottom corner that you can tear off to help mark where you are at for ease of reference.
I love all the room for notes for each week- including spaces entitled: Family Appointments, Meals/Kitchen and Home. Plus nice lined "To Do" and "To Buy" lists.
Lots of room for notes, which I am found of making.
And doodling.
Which I am also fond of doing.
I love the family profile pages in the back, items loaned/borrowed pages.
And all that room for notes.

Why did I switch?
I ordered the planner from the publisher.... in Canada and had to pay extra tax/shipping.
It ended up costing me around $24.00 for the calendar/planner.
The one I switched to was a digital download I got on sale last summer for 10 bucks.

I liked the colorful look of the calendar I switched to...
And the daily bible verses on each monthly calendar.
I loved the monthly money management pages, the extra Christmas and Holiday pages.
I loved all the extra pages... the planner is geared towards homeschoolers and included articles and note pages, goal pages, greeting card registry and so much more.
What I didn't love:
The aggravation of printing it out properly. I was forever printing the wrong back side...
If I tried to go cheap and print it out on "draft" setting the colors were too light.
I have used it for the last two months and I find all the color that drew me to it to be distracting.
The weekly breakdown two page spread that I at first loved for all its detailing, has also proved to be a distraction.
It left me feeling overwhelmed.
That I wasn't accomplishing all I set out to do.
I didn't care for that reminder.

So what's a girl to do?
In the past I would have put my foot down and bullied myself into using the calendar/planner I had paid good money for... but when I weigh the cost of printing along with my printing oopsies as well as my clear distraction.... and think on the fact that I just plain don't like using it...
I opted to go back to my trusty planner of the past.
Which I just so happened to do a search for on Amazon. And wonder of wonders, I found my dear-to-my-heart calendar/planner marked down to $8.47 and since I have Amazon Prime- shipping is FREE!
I couldn't click- "order" fast enough.
However... I have decided on a compromise.
I still love those extra pages in my new planner.
So I'm gonna keep those and use them.
So- in my mind, it wasn't a wasted purchase.
And it is a lesson learned.
Sometimes its good not to change.


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