Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Learning to sit still--another layer of be still

I like to call myself a serious multi-tasker.
Mr. Steady says I have adult onset ADD.
It seems that I usually need to be doing two things at once.
One such example: I like to do Sudoku while watching TV.
And knitting can be done just about anywhere.

Where I seem to have the most trouble is in our schooling... the first couple of hours of our day when I need to be sitting and instructing my second grader, Mr. Conductor. I start him on his math at the kitchen table and then I start doing dishes or prepping for supper or wandering back and forth from other rooms. He moves on to his reading and I start the laundry in the other room-- telling him, "Read louder."
It distracts him and usually ends up with us both being frustrated.
Not a good start to our days here.
Late December, when I was working on Christmas gifts, I found a nice compromise.
I sit and knit.
Or do a small bit of hand sewing.
It keeps my hands busy but my eyes and ears on the boy.
He's not frustrated by all my movement and lack of focus.
And I'm not frustrated by thinking of bunches of other things that need doing.
I still have things to do but I've learned a couple of other tricks too...
I get the first load of laundry prepped the night before so all I have to do is turn it on when I come down in the morning.
If I feel I must fold the laundry- I sit right next to him and fold it... whether we're in the kitchen, the schoolroom or the sun-filled living room. I have come to terms with the fact that one does not always have to fold laundry in the actual laundry room.
I also keep a notepad next to me so that when ideas, or to-do's or parts of the grocery list pop into my head, I can write them down for later instead of getting up to do them before I forget.

It can still be hard for me to sit still at times but I'm learning right along side him and the girls.
Another laying of learning to Be Still.


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