Monday, January 23, 2012

He continues to bless

God is so good all the time… I just can’t capture all that goodness that He hides in just a single day… but I can capture small pieces and those serve to remind me…

Lord Thank You for these gifts….
Helping our friends move in and begin to settle in their new house
That house being an answer to their prayers… us praying with them and for them
After moving them in and starting to put the house to rights… we sat down and prayed together thanking God for their home, for answered prayers and asking His blessing over the new home
Homemade birthday gifts- Ms. Books made this for her bff/cousin:

Courageous is out on DVD- and we got it. And we've watched it. Twice.
Blessed sleep after a day of hard work
Bold sermons
Living broken and open even when it's difficult and I want to hide away
This crazy non-wintery weather has produced a lower heating bill!
Being held by my husband- my forehead touching his neck... the release of tension his simple touch gives me
Watching my girls practice sign language- such beautiful hand music
Good school days that bring joy and keep you going
Scripture that is so relevant it hits you right between the eyes and takes your breath away
For learning the trick of rubbing a bar of soap on a sticky zipper (whew!)
Hearing my children pray
Flexible menu plans


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