Monday, January 30, 2012

God Smiles and I tuck it away for remembering

God smiles on me daily... this is just me trying to capture bits and pieces of it for remembrances...
Ms. Books quilt she made and entered in a talent contest
Me... making it

Mr. C and PawPaw
Lord Thank You for these gifts….
Dry erase boards in my home that people can’t help but write on
A surprise meet up with my sis in a store… right when I’m thinking it would have been nice to have had the time to visit her
Ms. Books branching out with her talents- be not afraid
Hearing her talk about the talents God has given her and how she can use them for Him- Wow!
Walking around the corner and hearing my girls singing in harmony
Mr. Conductor’s imaginative Lego building… scattered all over my house
The "I did it!" Fist pumping feeling after making it all the way up the climbing wall
A clean dining room table
The ASL test Ms. Books gave us all… oh the beauty of “hand talking”
Watching Ms. Books sign a worship song as she sings it… breathtaking.
A day spent with family
Sharing happy news
A bright red cardinal in the snow
Children sharing generational inside jokes
Compliments on something about me I’ve been working on
Friends who pop in
Plans materializing
God’s perfect timing
Code words between friends
Circles of prayer
Making meals stretch and they still fill and taste great
Mr. Steady filling my car up with gas
Someone at church cleared the snow off our car (and others too)
He abides with me daily
Small joys that lighten my heart
Working on projects alongside Mr. Steady
Growing older alongside my sister and enjoying the journey
Grocery bills that come out exactly to match what’s in the grocery budget envelope
Watching my son hang out with my Dad
Hair cut “oopsie” that made us laugh- a new family story

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  1. We have so much to be thankful for,thanks for sharing. Blessings Jane



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