Saturday, December 31, 2011

Top Posts of 2011

2011 you were quite the year.
God sure did amazing things with you!
I await... with eager anticipation... what God has in store for 2012.
Here's a look back on the most popular Contented, Common Life posts for each month of 2011:

January: Fresh Joy- Gramma's Passing
February: Rules of thumb for the frugal foodie
March: He must become greater than my stuff
April: Soap Suds Servanthood
May: Getting along with each other-- That's some serious hard work
June: I don't have it all together. The days I am less than gracious.
July: A Birthday Letter full of promises to my sweet niece: One Year
August: What We're Using: Curriculum for the coming School Year
September: All of Me... His Grace is for
October: What I don't buy at Aldi
November: Do you know the secret password?
December: I See CHRISTmas Differently

Thank you one and all who stop by here and read the words I scribble out straight from my heart. Thank you for sharing in my journey, for your kindness, your comments and your prayers.

Happy New Year!


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