Monday, December 5, 2011

Still going cheap- Another week of menus

The Yellow Farmhouse Weekly Menu Plan
for December 5th through 11th

Notes: Last week's pantry week really helped clean out the fridge which helps on not wasting leftovers. Sunday's stroganoff was almost a double batch and we've got a nice amount left over so I'm adding a bit of this and that to make it stretch for another meal on Tuesday. We're trying for another small spending week on regular groceries this week  as we're planning Ms. Books birthday party....

UPDATED! The menu plan needed revising as our week changed and I thought I'd share the changes...
Breakfast:  Homemade oatmeal with blueberries, toast
Lunch:  Diner Dinner
Dinner:  Cream chip beef and mashed potatoes (taters left over from last week)
Update: I burnt the potatoes trying to warm them up and we traipsed over to my parents to cut our own tree... so instead we had Italian Wedding Soup and various crackers and cheese with my parents. [Canned soup from Aldi- marvelous!]
Breakfast:  scrambled eggs, toast  More oatmeal- peach this time
Lunch:  Quesadillas, pickle spears
Dinner:  Crockpot Beef Stroganoff, homemade bread, homemade pickles
Wednesday New Recipe Night
Breakfast:  Homemade oatmeal with blueberries and cranberries, toast and cereal
Lunch:  Bean with Bacon soup, bread
Dinner:  Cheesy ground beef bake, steamed veggies
Breakfast:  cereal, fruit, toast and Cheesey Scrambled eggs
Lunch:   with friends: I'm making bread
Dinner:  Mexican Lasagna, greens salad
Update: Ms. Books wants the Mexi-Lasagna for her birthday party-- so we're having leftover to clean out the fridge for the party
Friday Tree Decorating Nite
Breakfast:  French Toast, fruit
Lunch:  Diner Dinner
Dinner:  Sloppy pizza burgers, chips
Update: pizza burgers moved to next week-- we've decided we're decorating the tree this evening and we always have smorgasbord of our favorite appetizers for Tree Decorating Nite.
We'll be having: homemade pretzels and cheese and pizza sauce, pizza dip and chips, Buffalo Chicken Dip and chips, shrimp, chocolate fudge, hummus and pretzels, gingerbread plus Ginger Ale and Egg Nog.
What a feast!
Saturday Ms. Books Birthday Party
Breakfast:  Daddy Cook (eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast)
Lunch: Leftover Smorgasbord
Dinner: Mexi-Lasagna, greens salad and BIRTHDAY CAKE!
Breakfast: Coco Wheats w/dried cherries, toast
Lunch:  with friends
Dinner: at church
Beverages for the week:
Milk, Water, tea, coffee, hot cocoa, eggnog, ginger ale
Snacks for the week:
Cookies, fresh fruit- apples & oranges, toast & homemade jam, popcorn, apple bread
Desserts this week:
chocolate cake, brownies (both from my mama), chocolate shakes, birthday cake
Past menu plans: click here. Other's menu plans: click here
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