Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Comfort Food Month

December is all about comfort food and favorite tried and true recipes with me.
Good down home, stick to your ribs cookin’.
On Sunday, we set aside the previously scheduled Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings in favor of pot roast. Why? Because my sweet mama thawed two roasts and only needed one for the soup on Saturday… so she sent it home with me! [Thanks Mom!]
I tossed the roast in the crockpot along with a packet of onion soup mix, a can of cream of mushroom soup and a soup can of water. I usually throw some veggies in with it too but not this time as I had a couple of “leftovers” dishes that were going to be splendid alongside a good ole’ roast.
The roast was blessedly huge and more than enough for our Sunday dinner. I knew right away we were changing Monday nite’s meal plan too…. It’s been awhile since I made beef and noodles…
And Mr. Steady loves beef-n-noodles
And it’s comfort food to the core.
And so the crockpot full of roasted yummy-ness went to the outdoor fridge (our enclosed front porch—one of our blessings in the winter when my cooking goes into overdrive).
Monday- I brought the crock back in and turned it on high for an hour. At the end of the hour, I shredded the beef and added a bit more than half a can of beef broth, turned it down to low and let it simmer in its juices for a couple more hours. We cooked up and drained a package of egg noodles (99 cents- Aldi), tossed them in with the shredded roast and gave it all a mighty stir.
A second meal-- Beef-n-Noodles.
The girls set the table.
Mr. Conductor laid out the Christmas napkins and Mr. Steady lit the candles.
We added some leftover homemade bread, a jar of bread and butter pickles and some chunked sharp cheddar cheese to round out the meal.
Ah, comfort.
Our nightly Advent devotion and some interesting family discussions about the day’s events—namely the coughing up and dying of the gas water heater… made it all complete… and a little bit easier for me to turn to the stove and heat up more pots of water for washin’.
Thank you Lord for this bounty.

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