Monday, December 26, 2011

His birthday and He gives me gifts...

My Grandpa carved his and my Gram's initials
and the heart on this tree sixty plus years ago....

There was no snow this Christmas.
That's okay.
We had a weekend full of worship and family fun.
We went hiking.
And gatoring. [that's our term for woodland jaunts in my parents' John Deere Gator.]
We baked. Our family tradition- Candy Cane Coffee Cakes... started by my grandfather 40 plus years ago and continued on by my mama, my siblings and me. It is our traditional Christmas breakfast.
We worked together. Mr. Steady, my dad, my brother-in-law and some wonderful friends spent two days re-roofing my parent's barn. A green metal roof. I love it.
We visited.
We laughed.
We remembered together.
We prayed together.
It was a wonderful, magical time suspended. The days were fluid and flowed into each other and around us... we had tons of time to just be together.
Oh, these are the holiday moments that I stage in my head... the perfectful wonderfulness of it all.
And this weekend it was our reality.
What a blessed gift from Jesus.


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