Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fridge Soup- No wasting itty bitty leftovers

I have been lamenting the foodie items I've been finding shoved at the back of the fridge and found only when they are beyond redemption.
Ugh... Waste.
Its usually a little bitty bit of this or dibby dab of that... nothing that would substantiate a meal so it got relegated to the bag of the fridge to mold over and die...
We are vowing to do better.
Today I started a "Fridge Soup" bag for the freezer.
I marked a freezer bag... "For Fridge Soup" with a Sharpie.
Then I dumped the green beans from last Thursday and the diced tomatoes from a couple of days ago into the baggie, sealed it and put it in the freezer.
My thought process is that I will keep checking the fridge each week and adding whatever tidbits of vegetables are left over into that baggie and putting it back in the freezer.
I also filled a quart freezer bag with the leftover sauce from our Chicken Cacciatore and put that in the freezer.
Plus there's a freezer bag of turkey leftovers.
I then placed all 3 of these baggies into one gallon size bag marked "Fridge Soup".
That way they stay together and don't get lost in the freezer! *wink*
The cacciatore sauce will make a good base for the soup.
Next time I cook chicken, I'll be sure to set a side a portion for the "meat" bag for the soup.
The way I figure it-- after a few weeks of this I'll have enough veggies and meat that all I'll need to do is add a can of chicken broth and a can of diced tomatoes to the recipe and call it done!

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  1. That's a great idea! I so hate wasting any food-especially when I've spent so much time preparing it and cooking it!



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