Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Yesterday she turned fifteen.
Fifteen on her looks amazing. Her beauty radiates from the inside. I am seeing prayers I have prayed and prayed for her since she was born coming to fruition.
I am so often stunned.
God is so very good.
Her daddy and I love watching God continually unfold His plan for her.
We love seeing her discover her talents.
To watch her push herself beyond her comfort zone, beyond what she thinks she is capable of to what God desires for her.
We love to hear her pray.
How her heart seeks hard after His.
We love listening to her patiently instruct her siblings, taking time and showing her love with actions. How she purposes to make time for the them and not exclude them.
We love how she is quick to help others and how often she sees their needs when we don't and develops plans for ways to meet those needs.
We love her laugh and her smile and how contagious they both are.
We love her loyalty and how fiercely she protects...
How she'll stand up for what's right even if she stands alone
That she's not afraid to be silly
Her tenacity
and quiet resolve
Her love of hats
How she ponders and gives things careful thought
The list could go on and on but this here mama is puddling up something fierce.....

1 comment:

  1. And her thoughts--they run deep.
    How her eyes get that sparkle right before she lets loose a good fun.
    Her jokes are nice and not done out of meanness or spite.
    How she is my niece, but also my friend.
    The way she loves my girl.
    Now this auntie is starting to puddle.



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