Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ever So Much Blessed

Lots of CHRISTmas and crafting and decorating and making and baking going on around this yellow farmhouse of ours...
 Little pieces of paper and felt and bits of hot glue are here, there and everywhere... 
Thanks to Pinterest, we're full of ideas and crafty-ness.
The kiddos and I are clearly giddy about all the making and baking instead of buying and buying. "Homemade is best." has become the family motto... I just love that. 
Today I made:
fancy flower paper clips
button embellished bobby pins
funky flower hair clips/brooch pins from Tshirts
and began working on putting together a few of these amazing, gorgeous calendars...
for women in my life that I know count their gifts...
The children are making ornaments, writing stories for gifts, embellishing verses and Ms. Books is sewing and sewing and sewing... when we aren't doing school, that is.

Feeling ever so very much blessed here today.


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