Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Week of Oatmeal: Apricots... Really!

Ms. Books and I have been fighting colds this week and so I switched out the pre-planned breakfast plan for a week of oatmeal... because that is some serious and fortified comfort food right there.
And because this week is Pantry Week and I didn't want it to be blueberry oatmeal every day, even though we love it... I shopped the pantry.
And found a can of Apricots.
I chopped the apricots up with my kitchen shears and poured the juice in the measuring cup. I then added enough water to the juice for the amount of water called for in my oatmeal recipe (which is right on the side of the box of quick oats I bought at Aldi). I brought the apricots, juice and water to a boil then added my quick oats and about a third cup of brown sugar. I boiled the whole kit and kaboodle for one minute then removed it from the burner, covered it and let it sit for five minutes.

This was the creamiest, fruitiest, most yummy oatmeal ever!
Apricots? Who knew, right?
Now I am lamenting that it was only one can in the pantry.
Not to worry- I added it to my kitchen notes and the grocery list.
Tomorrow I'm planning on cooking up our oatmeal and then stirring in some of our homemade applesauce.


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