Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mr. Steady's Favorite Pork Chops

I created this recipe while still in college and learning to cook. I didn't make it for a number of years and then one day Mr. Steady remarked, "Why haven't you made that gravy with the mushrooms that you put on pork chops?"
And so I did.
Now, it has become an annual tradition to make this recipe on or close to Mr. Steady's birthday (which just so happens to be the day after mine).

Mushroom cream gravy [For Pork Chops]
8 tbsp butter (divided 6 tbsp and 2 tbsp)
6 tbsp flour
2 cups milk
1 cup sour cream
3 chopped green onions
1 cup (or more) fresh sliced mushrooms

In a skillet, sauté mushroom and green onion in 2 tbsp butter, set aside. In sauce pan, melt remaining butter, stir in flour to make a paste. When flour is completely stirred into butter, add milk all at once. Whisk together to get rid of clumps. Add sour cream and simmer on med. high heat to thicken. When sauce is at desired thickness, add cooked mushroom and onion, stirring and continuing to cook to combine.
Serve over grilled pork chops.

We always make homemade dirty mashed potatoes (skins on) to go along side this. For Mr. Steady's birthday this year- we served corn as the second side dish (corn cut off the cob this summer and frozen- yum!).

And for Dessert: 3 Layer Pumpkin Torte with Caramel Icing made by my dear sweet friend for our birthdays. That cake is beyond delicious. Be. Yond.


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