Monday, November 21, 2011

It must be said

My cup runneth over with gratitude to my God and King... daily I am reminded of His great gifts. Here is just a glimpse of His goodness.
Joining in counting our Thanks at Ann's...


Oh, Lord It must be proclaimed...
Thank You for these gifts....
Birthday gifts.... left on the steps anonymously
Homemade birthday cards
Reminders of Your faithfulness
Needs met
Desires of my heart fulfilled
Earnest prayers answered quickly
God nudges to help others... what joy!
Squirrel shaped sugar cookies made just for me by a dear friend who celebrates my nuttiness with me
A slice of brownie cheesecake to cheer me up
A wonderfully retro stainless steel cake carrier be-ribboned and gifted to me by my Dear Sweet Friend
The sharing of exciting news
Children who give up something good for something better... willingly, without prompting
Needs met (yeah, its on here twice- I am truly overflowing with gratitude for this)
A giveaway
Family celebrations
Renewal not revenge
My daughter teaching me a skill... her patience with me
Opportunities that test my mettle
God's strength superseding my weakness every single time
Her Growth
Wonderful sufficient grace
Singing old hymns in the kitchen with my kiddos
He daily teaches my heart how to sing
He also daily improves my eyesight to see "more better" the gifts of this daily life

1 comment:

  1. Birthday gifts left fun! I only wish I had left them.



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