Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Choosing to Celebrating the Crazy

A week ago today, I celebrated my 38th birthday.
As I stood there looking in the mirror that morning, I thought to myself "Hmm. I thought being 38 would look more mature. 38 looked a lot more mature on my parents."
And on Mr. Steady.
Of course, I know that age doesn't always bring maturity. As the old saying goes, "Sometimes age comes alone."
It just seemed to me, in my mind's eye, that my parents seemed to have it more together than I feel I do.
When I mentioned this to my mom, she laughed.
I am me.
My day was spent enjoying time with my family. Breakfast with my kiddos, mom and siblings, a trip to the fabric store, my favorite pizza for supper and a family movie. Wonderful homemade cards from my children....
My Dear Sweet Friend brought me the most awesome vintage cake carrier... complete with a 3 layer pumpkin torte with caramel icing.
The torte had been 4 layer and suffered a minor mishap upon delivery but Mr. Steady saved the day with a spatula and a plate. It was amazingly yummy.
I received many, many birthday wishes- some on Facebook, some over the phone, some in the mail... I loved it all.
38 doesn't bother me.
The wrinkles I have found where my dimples sit remind me to smile lots and lots. You can only see dimples when I smile... so my smile is a wrinkle reducer!
I love my life.
I thank God for each morning He wakes me up. Every day is an adventure... some good, some not so good and some super way beyond great. I have learned that no matter what my circumstances, what adventure I may be facing, God is there beside me and He's in control.
So when the toilet overflows 3 days before your birthday...
And the tub leaks so that the ceiling drips continuously all night and all day long on your daughter's bed two days before your birthday...
And your crockpot lid breaks to the unfixable level this time and your 4 slice toaster is down to 3 and not looking or smelling good and your internet goes out and your phone starts making funny noises.... 2 days before your birthday...
And you develop laryngitis the day before your birthday...
And a cough the day of your birthday...
You make a decision... Life is an adventure and no matter what you may face-- be it an older age or water coming from places it should not.... You WILL Praise God for the day He has made.
You will REJOICE and Be Glad.
No. Matter. What.
And that is what can make so many awful circumstances melt away to reveal a beautiful birthday.
You look yourself in the mirror and your eyes widen in wonder as you realize
Just. How. Much. God. Loves. You.
Oh, yeah- that's big baby.


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