Friday, November 11, 2011

5 Minute Friday: Unexpected

[Once again I am joining The Gypsy Mama's 5 Minute Friday. 5 minutes to stop and just write from the top of my head and bottom of my heart.]

Today's Word: Unexpected
The craziness of my life these past 9 weeks has been unexpected.
Our church family surprising us by beginning the process of painting our home while we went away for a short family camping trip started it all.
We were overwhelmed that they would come together to do something like this for us.
It was unexpected and unscheduled that we would then spend the next four weeks working against the weather to finish the house with our friends and family coming almost every day to help us. So much fun, food and laughter... yet what a long unexpected process.
It was unexpected when the laptop died two weeks ago causing a hiccup in our school schedule. The girls' math programs are done on the computer and both like to tackle math right away at the start of the day. Now we jockey for computer time on the one and only computer.
It was unexpected a week ago- when, after an exhausting weekend, we all trudged to bed early only to hear our oldest yelling that the toilet was overflowing. Early bedtime gone.
It was unexpected later that same nite- in the wee hours of the morning when Sassafras woke me crying that her ear hurt.
It was unexpected when the next day, Ms. Books informed me that the ceiling was leaking in her bedroom and had been leaking most of the nite onto her bed soaking through the mattress.
It was unexpected that same morning, while a bucket sitting on her bed collected drips and we washed sheets, I went to prep dinner in the crockpot and the lid handle broke off for the last time. We'd mended it before but this was beyond repair.
And then the toaster started to smell "hot". We were down to only 3 out of 4 slots already.
Later that day the internet died.
I cried in stress from all the unexpected.
And then.... that night when I returned home from a meeting and Mr. Steady had fixed the leak, I found two wrapped packages on my front steps and a birthday card with no signature.
It was unexpected. One package contained a brand new crockpot; the other a new 4 slot toaster.
It was unexpected. I wept and went straight to my knees right there in my living room calling out to a God that loves me so very much He would nudge another to send me an anonymous gift.
How can I doubt that He is the Need-Meet-er?

[5 Minutes Up but I must keep going...]
So when the water heater unexpectedly began spewing boiling hot water five days later and we hauled over 20 gallons of wasted water up from our basement...
I did the unexpected.
I prayed and I smiled and I hauled buckets. I held the light for Mr. Steady and never once asked if this was doomsday or if it was fixable. I didn't break. I didn't blame. I didn't cry "Why me?"
It doesn't matter.
The unexpected doesn't have to defeat me or upend me.
My God is bigger.
Way bigger.
There is nothing that is unexpected to God.
He knows my life. He lives it beside me each day. He has His hands all over my unexpecteds. He's prepared. He cares and loves me so much He sent me a crockpot and a toaster. Isn't that crazy good?
No matter what I trust Jesus to see us through every circumstance we encounter.
I expect Him. 

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  1. Ooh! I loved reading this! Not because of all the problems you were having, but because of what the problems brought... surprise gifts and your needs met. Isn't God's timing so perfect and wonderful?



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