Friday, November 18, 2011

5 Minute Friday: She grows in Grace & Beauty

Today's Word: Grow
Grow in grace and beauty.
My oldest daughter, known here as Ms. Books, blesses and amazes me with her growth.
She'll be fifteen in a few weeks.
Is in the process of making her first quilt.
And is an incredibly grounded young woman who has her feet more firmly planted than I did at twice her age.
Her best friend's birthday is this weekend and she was discussing birthday present ideas with me while we worked on her quilt. My friend Rachel, the quilter, was at the table and listening.
Ms. Books was talking through gift ideas and she said the following: "I've given her stuff for her outer beauty these last couple of years. You know nail polish and lotions and hair doodads... This year I want to give her something for her inner beauty."
I immediately thought this was a good idea and we continued the discussion, finally deciding that she would like to purchase for her friend the devotional book we gave her for her spiritual birthday.
My friend asked about the book and Ms. Books left the room to retrieve it. At this time, Rachel shared her surprise and pleasure that Ms. Books would think something up like that all on her own. I hadn't really thought that deep about it until she pointed it out.
And so, in reflection...  I find, that lately, I've been taking some of Ms. Books growth for granted. I have been focused on the weightiness of all that I must teach and share with her about school subjects and life that I've glossed right over how she is growing, really growing.
She is growing in grace and beauty and it is amazing. She is developing a beauty that is focused more inwardly than outwardly... and I step back and am breathless because she is more beautiful on the outside because of the beautiful joy that radiates from the inside.
The flip side... is in the witnessing of this.... I grow too.

This post is part of The Gypsy Mama's 5 Minute Friday.... where you take five minutes and write, unscripted, right off the top of your head for five minutes.


  1. What a beautiful girl
    what a beautiful Mom
    what a beautiful blog you share here...

    and you grow together, rooted and grounded in Him!

  2. How wonderful.... and how special that your friend was there to help you see the magic of how He is growing ALL of you!!!

  3. It's so rewarding to watch your children grow.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!



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