Friday, October 28, 2011

What I don't buy at Aldi

By my calculations I buy 90% of my groceries at Aldi.
There are only a very few things I won't buy there and have to go elsewhere for.
Here's a quick run down:

Produce- well, I do, but I don't.
Aldi carries a small variety of mostly in season produce (lately I've been picking up bananas there for 44 cents/pound). I'll buy the bananas plus strawberries, squash, lettuce, or mushrooms, sure. When we're not growing tomatoes here at home, I buy from Aldi (inspect closely though- which I do where ever I buy). I buy their strawberries and grapefruit in season and I've been known to pick up a couple of pineapples (oh, we love fresh pineapple). But I admit to being a produce snob. Egads!
I love Meijer produce. They've got a super selection and I shop their sales. I do not hardly-never buy produce at Wal-mart. Blech. Lousy selection and I had a couple too many experiences of things going bad quickly (as in the next morning with some strawberries I picked up there).
So, bottom line, I do buy Aldi produce but I also buy from Meijer.
Wanna know what Aldi produce looks like? Frugal Girl has a beautiful pictorial post.

Fresh Meat-
Unless it's deli meats (great deals!) or their frozen ground turkey, frozen chicken breasts, turkey breast. I get better sales on steak, pork etc. at Meijer. I try very hard to only buy meat when it's on sale (see here- my sales flyer notekeeping) and the meat sales are better at Meijer.
Oh, and I do truly adore Aldi's chicken salad- the price and the taste. Yummo.
Of Note: Aldi has started a special meat buy every Wednesday and that might just pull me in if the deal's right.

Not applicable. Don't drink it. Heard good things about it though.

What else? - I don't buy paper products, cleaning products or toiletries at Aldi either. Not because they're not "good enough" but because I get great deals elsewhere or they don't sell the brand my family likes. [We're not brand loyal on many things but Colgate is one of them]. Or because I make my own cleaning products and I prefer not to use paper products like towels, plates, napkins, cups etc. (saves me even more money).
I don't buy their Ritz cracker knock-offs because I've found that nothing beats Ritz in taste. However, we don't eat these often, its a splurge. I don't buy their ice cream products because I'm usually running more errands and they'll melt and its a 40 minute drive home.
I also don't buy much of their pre-packaged frozen convenience foods because I find it cheaper to cook from scratch here at home.
I do buy their pre-made 16" pizzas- $6.99 (not frozen). We put it in the freezer for when we need a quick meal- we get the supreme and add some more cheese to it. Very good stuff.


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