Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Doing Good Together

A few months ago I found the website Doing Good Together
This a wonderful little resource for families to find big and small ways to make a positive impact on the world around them. It provided a great starting off point for our family.
Here are some small things our family has implemented to make a difference:
Allowing the person behind you at the check-out that only has a handful of items to go ahead of you in line. [My kiddos love to do this because people are always so surprised!]
Helping someone bag their groceries-- We do the bulk of our shopping at Aldi where you bag your own groceries and sometimes we are able to help someone else bag their groceries... Moms of littles are especially grateful for some help. The key is to ask first: Would you like some help packing your groceries?
It also helps break the ice when people comment on how efficiently my kiddos pack it all up (lots of practice there) this gives us a window to ask them if they'd like some help.
Also at Aldi-- Its a quarter to unlock a grocery cart. Its fun for the kids to each take a quarter and unlock a few carts for people coming behind us.
Picking a bouquet of flowers from our gardens and sharing with the neighbors.
Sharing our produce with the neighbors.
Raking or mowing a neighbor's yard.
Helping a wonderful woman in our church family lay mulch.
Sending an encouraging homemade card or written and illustrated bible verse to someone.
Making homemade goodies for friends and neighbors.

These are only a few ideas but a great starting place.
In our church, our junior high Sunday School class does quarterly RAK projects. RAK stands for Random Acts of Kindness. This class of 6th thru 8th graders has raked leaves and shoveled snow in town (shoveled out a bunch of fire hydrants along a couple of streets- a super great idea), hauled mulch, sang at a nursing home, passed out water bottles and donuts in a local park and.....
Helped paint our house.
Yep, ours.... as in mine. My house.
The impact this has had on our family is enormous. My kiddos giving quotient has expounded. They are actively looking for big and small ways to give and make a difference.
And that is way beyond cool.


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