Thursday, October 27, 2011

And so life goes...

Life is going.
The house is painted.
The storm windows (minus 2) are up.
We've been enjoying warm, snuggly evenings together.
Plus taken some beautiful fall hikes.
And a flashlight hike that last warm night we had this week... before the rain. Actually not really before- but during. The kids were out hiking with friends in the rain. It was tons of fun.
In other news:
Our laptop died.
Our phone is making a weird buzzing noise.
And our internet went kaput.
I was told they'll be out to check it/fix it anytime between yesterday and Nov. 10th.
That's a long time.
So- I'm at the library. Gotta love the library. I usually come for the books but today it was to check the banking (scary on a public computer but a woman's gotta make sure the bills are being paid). And we got a couple of DVDs since we can't be enjoying our Netflix since the laptop is toast and the internet is, ya know, gone.
Working to stay positive and upbeat thru the dips on the roller coaster ride... reciting lots of scripture to keep me going. Funny how its the little annoying stuff piling up and piling up and piling up that can get to you and keep getting at you.
And it's my birthday next week.
I am planning on it being a good day. In fact, its a holiday for our homeschool. [As well it should be!] And it looks like it's gonna be a much needed holiday/day off!
On a lighter note- school has been going real well this week. Did some fun projects together and the kids totally rocked their math and spelling tests. 100s all around. Yahoo! Its a nice pat on the back for this Mama who is in dire need of something(s) going right. Mr. Conductor's reading is beginning to really click and move now. So thankful that we've kept consistent, steady and working on it in small pieces in various ways... I'm really seeing it all come together.
And I made a chocolate chip pumpkin bundt cake with cream cheese icing. Yes, it was mightily delicious. So delicious that I ate some for breakfast this morning. Hope I'll be able to share the recipe sooner than Nov. 10th....

And so this rambling post is all to say...
I don't know when I'll be popping in again to fill this space with my prose and pictures...
Miss me just a bit, please. It will boost my morale.


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