Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I had hopes of putting up a few posts this week but my time is not really my own it seems... School, three hour art classes, school and painting and scraping and priming and painting and more painting and some more scraping.  Not to mention all the other small "odd" jobs you find when you take on a job such as painting a 140 year old house... fixing loose boards, filling in holes, replacing 100+ year old window panes and rotting boards... I'm not doing that stuff- that's Mr. Steady and my Pop and our truly incredibly wonderful friends and church family. I stick to painting and scraping. And cooking.
Lots of cooking.
Been making loaves of my Grandpa's favorite bread- his recipe tweaked for the bread machine: Honey Oatmeal Bread. Delish!
And applesauce. Made 2 more batches. Gave 3 pints away and shared 3 pints with friends at supper Monday nite.
I've been feeding a few people each evening- a small way to say thank you for all they are doing for us.
So I've had to switch up the menu plan- another reason for not posting.
Making wonderful meals to feed a small crowd keeps me busy too.
And right now I'm almost late for art class... yikes!
Gotta skitter... but first here you can see some of the work. Eleven year olds painted this side of the house just last nite right before it got too dark... hoping to finish to the 2nd story windows later today...

Making Pacos for supper tonight.... that's baked potatoes with taco toppings.
Plus other potato toppings- kind of a "Baked Potato Bar" for supper.
And some of that homemade bread.
And fresh sliced heirloom tomatoes.
And maybe I'll pop open a couple more pints of applesauce...

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  1. Your house is going to be beautiful when it it done! Your menu sounds delicious :)



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