Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today I notice

In the quiet my heart whispers it as I sit and sip that first sip of morning goodness others simply call coffee...
It whispers "There is love here."
A profound statement indeed.
I'm wrapped up in it. My home is full of it, so full it spills over.
This place is good.
Life is good.
Some days it just doesn't quite feel completely that way but those days we try to keep to a minimum...
I look at this home God has helped us create and the comfort and contentment and love is here... so deep, so true, so sure... and I gulp. Wow.
Life is good.
There is love here.
Love that holds on and forgives the simple as well as grievous errors
Love that hugs and comforts from smallest to largest
Love that grows with age and years
Love that wraps around like a favorite blanket
Love that digs down deep and weathers life's storms
Love that lingers
.... Love that I dearly hope and pray envelopes all that enter...
Here in this moment as I rock on the swing and sip that morning goodness I just about unravel thinking of how much love has been built here, how He could be so merciful and gracious and love me and mine so much...
I swing and I think how often I miss it in the busyness that is my day in day out life... too busy to stop and feel the hush of the blessing that fills this place... How He fills this place.
Because He lives here... He most certainly does- even on the days when all goes wrong and our words and actions make Him flinch in pain... He dwells with us here.

Today I notice.
Thank You Abba Father.


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