Monday, September 19, 2011

Today I am...

My Sister, Mom and me @ Country Living Fair
Tired. Big fun whoop-D-do weekend with my mama and sis. We went to the Country Living Fair in Ohio. Plus a yummy cupcakery, Trader Joe's and a scrapbook store. Oh, and saw many different areas of Columbus, such as North Side- High Street, German Village, Brewery District, OSU campus and a few shadier, shadow places that didn't look so swell. We do this girls getaway every 2 years... it was overthetop fun, but Sis and I missed our kiddos loads and loads.
Today I am: Glad to be home.
Even if it is a school day after 3 fun days with Daddy. And both the girls have math tests... and we're trying to squeeze a family trip to the local county fair in later in the week and get ready for an upcoming camping trip plus prep etc for our homeschool group day on Friday. All. At. The Same. Time.
I've got lots of lists going in my notebook.
Lovin' the notebook.
I digress:
Today I am:
cooking Crockpot sausage casserole for supper
finishing unpacking, laundry, catching up on email
thinking that I over planned the next two weeks of my family's life
working on not being overwhelmed by all that is going on, doing school with the kids and trying to clean some of the clutter off my desk.
feeling behind.  Also feeling happy to be home with my kiddos and sweet hubby and my own comfy bed. Sigh.
hoping to eat the elephant that is my to-do list one bite at a time.
savoring family time. Working alongside my kiddos, laughing together...
praying for peace, to maintain focus, for the Lord to help me prioritize my lists and help me focus on what is important.... My Family.


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