Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stuff I've been doing- jotter keepers

Just had to share with you one of my favorite projects I was fiddling with when I should have been putting the kids school schedules together....

I love to journal and doodle and write notes and lists... and I love to jot down all the hilarious, precious things my kiddos say and do, the stories they tell and more... and they seem to be wanting to journal too- writing their own stories...

I grabbed some 40 cent composition notebooks I picked up at the store a few weeks ago, dug thru my scrapbooking scraps (paper and ribbon) and decorated each book special for each child. Just by looking at the covers each of my children knew which book was theirs.
Covered Journal How To:
 I lined up each piece of pretty paper along the black binding [on the left side of the notebook], making sure to have about ¼ in overlap on top, bottom and right sides. Using good ol’ Elmer’s Glue I glued down the first piece making sure to maintain the overlap. I then glued down the second piece slightly on top of the first piece.
Next, using my scissors I carefully cut into the overlap of paper at the top and bottom right corners of the notebook (two cuts each making like a “V” at corners)- I did this in order to get the flaps of paper to lay correctly since the book has rounded corners. I then glued the overlaps to the inside of the cover. Using hot glue I adhered a ribbon scrap on the overlapping paper on the front of the cover, making sure to have about ½ an inch to glue onto the inside of the cover.
Lastly, I took another piece of scrapbooking paper that was big enough to fit the inside of the cover and glued this (with Elmers) on the inside of the front cover. This gives it a polished look.
A couple of helpful hints- you don’t want to get to heavy-handed with the Elmers- I find that using a small paint brush to brush the glue all over the cover helped to keep from having any bubbles or raised marks. Also- I used heavy cardstock scrapbooking paper- if you get to heavy with the glue and use a lighter weight you may rip your paper as you try to position it. I have also used scraps of fabric to make these covered journals- just make sure to use fabric glue to adhere it and carefully press down to prevent air pockets and puckering.
I had so much fun making these for my kidlets. Since I used scraps of paper and ribbon the only real cost was the notebooks. Yippee!

A friend of mine has made up a few of these wonderful journals too... she glued a 5x7 manila envelope on the inside front cover- plus she added a ribbon bookmark. I love that idea and am totally gonna steal it when I make a few more of these jotter keepers... makes me want to get my colored pens and pencils out and go to town...


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