Thursday, September 8, 2011

Best Poochie Flea-Be-Gone Shampoo EVER!

We have been dogsitting my parents' pooch for six days and have four more to go...
Poochie was scratching a bit on Day One and the kiddos reported that Nana had said the doggie needed a good tub scrub. Nan was going to slip the kiddos a few bucks to bribe me to take the dog to the doggy wash in town (the kids love washing her at this fun place). I didn't want to do it...
Until today.
Or should I say, yesterday at about 9:40 pm.
When I found out all that scratching wasn't because said pooch was dirty.
But because the dog had fleas.
I abhore little tiny buggy parasites.
The dern buggers remind me of lice, which reminds me of the mostawfulestneverwishthisonmyworstenemy battle on the face of this earth we had getting rid of those lice... yeah, it was seven years ago but...
Ahem, I still have nightmares.
So little buggy parasites pretty much send me around the bend.
And back again.
And again.
I coulda cried.
Instead I shared my horror on facebook.
Which led a friend to share a trick...
Which has now SAVED THE DAY!
And so- since it is just that beyond awesome-
I must share it with you all.

Best Getting Rid of Fleas on a Dog Trick Ever
1 bottle Pert Plus Shampoo
3 willing children who let you run and hide
--- Directions: Wash dog with Pert Plus starting at neck and working your way down. Rinse. Wash again just for good measure. Rinse. Dry the pooch. Give the pooch a treat. Give your kids chocolate because they are just that awesome. Wash towels in washer on HOT.

Optional Directions: Give yourself chocolate, lots of chocolate. And when your momma calls later on her wonderful vacation to talk all bubbly about the fun they are having and asking offhandedly how her poochie is faring--- stuff more chocolate in your mouth to prevent you from growling at her...

Oh, and on a Frugal Scale- This is an 8.3.
One 13.5 oz. bottle Pert Plus $3.19 (we only used half, although I advocated dumping the entire bottle on the dog). They had a store knock-off brand of Pert but I was too chicken to try it as Pert Plus was what was recommended to me. No taking chances today! It worked beyond amazing. Beyond! 
The flea shampoos were $4.99 (12 oz) and up and I was told by my friend that the results with Pert Plus are 10 times better than a regular flea shampoo.
I'm a believer.


  1. Amy, Do you know why Pert kills fleas? Is there something in it?
    I have a great cure for lice. When my youngest was in 1st grade, she got lice, and by the time we figured out what it was we all had lice.
    We used the over-the-counter stuff, and we still had lice. Our pediatrician said she could write a prescription for some really strong stuff, but it was toxic. She suggested instead: buy the biggest jug of cheap mayo you can find. Totally slather each persons' head, hair, and scalp with mayo. Totally cover all scalp and every bit of hair. Wrap head securely in plastic wrap. Either sleep like this overnight or at least 4 hours. Then use Prell to get the mayo out.
    Apparently this suffocates the lice and their eggs. All I can tell you is it worked for us. Lynne in MD

  2. I don't know what's in it- but it works! As for the lice- we used the Mayo trick and the baby oil trick and we had to do it numerous times. What ended up making all the difference was the Robi-Comb- an electronic zapping lice comb we picked up at Walmart. It was a horrendous time... and those fleas reminded me of it.

  3. The Pert pictured in your article is "anti dandruff" but it does not mention that in article. Is that the one you used?? Thanks

  4. Good question! The shampoo pictured is the one we used as it was what we had on hand. I don't think it matters if it's anti-dandruff or not.



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