Thursday, September 1, 2011

Alphabet- It's What's for Dinner

Monday night was Back to School Nite for us. We like to do it up big with a special meal prepared by everybody and cap it off with Daddy Blessings and School Cones.
Everyone loves this meal. We sit down with a piece of paper and go through the alphabet putting a food or dinner related item (like plate, napkin, fork, spoon etc.) with each letter. This year we expanded our creativity to other languages. This excited the kids as we had an actual food for "X" and they didn't have to eat quince for "Q".
To translate:
Queso is Spanish for cheese
Uvas- Spanish for grapes
Xiangjiao- Chinese for banana

Our BBQ chicken is amazing because we use a cherry BBQ sauce- yummers! This is our absolute favorite! Our Deviled eggs are oh so delicious because we add cream cheese and a bit of ranch dressing to the recipe.
We mixed the juice with the lemon lime soda for a wonderful punch.
Our tomatoes are heirlooms straight from the garden- our favorites being Mr. Stripey and Cherokee Purple (oh the flavor in them maters!).
The green beans are also fresh from the garden and the squash & zucchini are from friends' gardens.
Mama's mud buckets are chocolate pudding with a couple generous scoops of chocolate ice cream topped by whip cream and a cherry.
The girls love helping me set the table scheme
Here's a run down of our menu this year- we like to print out and display our menu...
Back to School Alphabet Dinner 2011

Mr. Conductor spins the globe- dinner is ready, Let's Eat!


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