Thursday, August 25, 2011

This content and glorious life

Livin' the life here lately.
The garden has been going gang busters and so have I.
And when I'm not spending time freezing the harvest or learning to can, I'm working and working on school.

I've squeezed in bits and pieces of time to prep and clean the schoolroom- but its not completely done.
I'm working on planners and schedules and writing pieces of my own curriculum for the year. My energy and drive dwindled in the heat of July (which is when I'd had the highest hopes that I'd be writing the curriculum) and the beginning of August was swept up with summer activities, extended family fun and VBS.
Now I am five days away from the start of school.
A good chunk of the planning is still on my head and not on paper.
I have never been this behind... this close to the wire.
A few years ago this would have caused me to totally and completely flip-out and stay up way late each and every nite to work tirelessly on getting everything just so and ship shape.
Not this year.
I've got the first four weeks of school mapped out right now. We can start with that.
I'm finishing up tidbits for the kids back to school cones.
Each cone will have one of these books in them- I know the kids will love the surprise.
The menu for our alphabet dinner is just about finished... some of those letters are difficult!
We still have fun and family time to eek out these last few days and I don't need to be cluttering it all with school planning that can wait a smidge longer. We've got friends to meet at the park for a picnic and fun, a family reunion, sleepovers, stargazing, an outdoor concert, farmers markets and a family hike planned for these waning days.
And I don't want to miss a minute of it.
These are the life moments when I sigh with simple and complete contentment.
What a glorious life He has given me.


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