Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Made from Scratch- All-purpose Spray

Yesterday I shared my homemade fabric softener recipe.
Today I'm sharing my go-to all purpose cleaner.
Made from Scratch.
Oh, how I love to say that.

Disinfecting All-Purpose Spray
¼ cup white vinegar
2 tsp. 20 Mule Team Borax
¼ cup Dr. Bronner’s Castille Soap {I use peppermint}
2 cups HOT water
1 to 2 drops food coloring {optional}

Wash out an empty spray bottle. Pour in hot water, vinegar and Dr. Bronner’s soap. Add borax and shake well.
Use as you would any other all-purpose cleaner.
Notation: Shake well each time before using.

You can use any castile soap for this recipe but Dr. Bronner’s has the best most long lasting smell. I love the smell of peppermint- it just smells “clean” to me. Dr. Bronner’s comes in other scents too. You can find Dr. Bronner’s soap just about anywhere-  I’ve picked it up at Walgreens and Wal-mart. The soap will be the most expensive purchase you’ll make for this but it only takes ¼ cup each time you make it so it lasts quite awhile.
By my calculations this  costs me approximately 60 cents each time I make it and it makes a full bottle- way cheaper than the store and without those harmful chemicals.


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